5 Ways God Reveals Your Calling



When you see a person, group with needs unmet, there may be a strong sense of calling in your heart to serve, or provide a solution to their problem. This could be God moving you in the direction of your call. Be mindful of what stirs you.

Natural Gifting

For some is pretty obvious what they’re called to do. They may be a natural athlete, or gifted to singer, writer or speaker. Sometimes our gifts are so natural they’re hard for us to recognize. This was true for me. For years I didn’t believe I had any natural gifts – I didn’t have any recognizable talents, so I thought. Even if you don’t recognize your gifts, others around you will. Do you have any natural gifts you may not be using? If you’re not sure, ask your close friends and family what they believe your gifts are.

Childhood Dreams

Like Samuel in the bible, God places significant insight in the hearts of children about their future. When I talk about purpose with others, I always question what their interest were as children, big and small. Every element of my calling and purpose I can root back to something I did or was interested in as a child. Back then it may has been just a game or seemingly random but they were always apart of my God-given design.

Personal Struggle

I personally see this one often. I find that for many peoples calls grows out of their personal testimony.  When you’ve overcome something, we often tend to want to help others in the same area.

Direct Revelation

God speaks! God may speak through inner witness, dreams, visions or other ways supernaturally to reveal your calling. This one was me! When I first gave my life to Christ, I started to have a lot  of dreams  I now know are related to my purpose, life and destiny.


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Relying on God

Lord, help me to think before I speak to my child. James 1:19