Enjoy every minute of your life

The devil wants you to worry about your future so you can’t enjoy your life right now. He is a liar! Enjoy every minute of your life because it is a gift from God! Can I get an Amen?


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  1. Knew that from reading the Bible when I was young. “Live each moment to its fullest , and ye shall be rewarded “.

  2. Amen! That thought just went through my mind and then I saw this message. Exactly what I needed to confirm my thoughts, the devil is at it again!

  3. Prayers needed for my son Joey Belinda and grandkids to find a great home now so i can have My Home back. They need their own home. I feel very sad. I feel lost. Retired.63. Both my noys Grown Nvr hv time For me. I need purpose! I was in a bad car wreck and survived. But i feel Very useless to all

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