Kind woman paid for child’s items at store, said previously a kind stranger had paid for hers

Meet Martha. I ran into Dollar Tree to get tweezers (because I can’t seem to find any of mine) and this sweet lady stopped us at checkout. She asked if I would give her permission to give Hensli some money to get whatever she would like. As I teared up (because why wouldn’t I!) I said of course, and thanked her but asked why she wanted to do something so nice. She said she had a cart full once and someone paid for her cart, and this was nothing like that but wanted to do something. ♡♡♡

Henz hugged her and we thanked her more and asked if we could get a picture (she said she would but that she isn’t good at smiling for pictures…I beg to differ!). She was so humble and thought we were being too appreciative for what she thought was something so little. I don’t think that was little at all, and Henz sure didn’t either. It meant so much for me to have Hensli see and receive Martha’s generosity.

I asked Henz what she wanted to do with the money. She ended buying a gift for her teacher, stopping to get ice cream, a book about a messy dog, donating a dollar, and saving the rest to put in Sunday offering and to give someone else the next time we are at a Dollar Tree. ♡

A little kind gesture from sweet Martha impacted not just the two of us but at least 4 others. Thank you Jesus for this woman’s life and thank you to the person who once bought Martha’s cart. Thank you Martha for passing along the blessing you received and allowing my daughter to do the same. The next time I am in the Dollar Tree I will think of you and be sure to pass on your generosity to someone in line as well. Thank you for spreading goodness in this world and allowing me to share your beautiful soul!

Credit: Heathyr Christine Harkless

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