Little boy checks on elderly neighbor each day to make sure she wakes from naps

“My grandmother is fighting lung and breast cancer for the past 2 years.

She lives by herself in a predominately black neighborhood.

She refuses to move in with me because she loves her independence and her home.

Her neighbors (including the 7 year old boy in the picture) helps me get her to appointments and checks on her all times throughout the day.

Caleb has been coming to see her persistently for a couple years now but especially since she’s been sick.

They are best friends.

Caleb is a stand out kid who has been handed a difficult situation and he has helped my grandmother through hers.

She lights up when she talks about it!

Our families have become so close!”

Update: My beautiful nana passed away August 9th, 2019, peacefully in her home.

Credit: Darrien Arnold

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