Shaking elderly man asked pizza shop for food that would be thrown out, manager: ‘make this man whatever he wants’

“I’m at Kelley square pizza waiting for my pizza to cook, and this little crippled old guy comes in. He’s leaning on this makeshift cane and wearing two coats. His hands are trembling and he’s wondering who is managing. The man behind the counter replies, and without hesitation tells the other kid to stop cleaning ( they close at 130) The elderly man asks if there’s anything that would be thrown out he could buy cheap. The manager then tells the kid to make this man whatever he wants. I just want everyone to know that during these tough and crazy times where others in the world are out to hurt and kill, theres still a lot of good. There’s a lot of great. Start with yourselves. Open a door, pay for a coffee, pass on some food, donate to something, thank a vet, hang out with the elderly. Anything.”

Credit: Mike Alexander

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