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  • In the end only kindness matters

    “A week ago I saw a post on Facebook from a young boy in my town: ‘Hi I’m an autistic 19-year-old living on my own and my bike was stolen opposite the Mcdonalds by highstreet. My Grandma got me this bike for Christmas. I have been feeling really down about this as there aren’t many […] More

  • from not saying a word to non-stop talking

    “My son, Dylan, has autism and intellectual disabilities. He has had a beloved speech therapist for the last 8 years who has taken him from not saying a word to non-stop talking. He had the privilege last night of being her BEST MAN, walking her down the aisle and giving her away to the man […] More

  • Card tricks turn hotel worker and boy with autism into fast frie

    “See this guy right here? His name is Kahlief. At some point in time on Friday night, while working at the front desk at the Hampton Inn, Kahlief looked up to find a random kid standing in front of him asking if he’d like to see a card trick. Let me tell you all the […] More