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  • God Is In Control

    If you’re laying in bed broken, confused, lost, and wondering if your situation is ever going to change; here’s your sign. God is in control and He’s making a way for you right now. More

  • The Most Powerful Statement

    The most humbling statement we can say is, I am nothing without God. And the most powerful statement is, WITH GOD, I CAN DO ANYTHING. More

  • Stay Strong And Have Faith

    Shout out to all the women who haven’t felt okay lately but you still get up everyday and refuse to quit. Stay strong, have faith and know that God is with you every step you take. Amen More

  • Rest Tonight

    Rest Tonight. The things you have been worrying about, God is already working on. More

  • Just Remember One Thing

    Just remember one thing… God is with you. He will make everything right, at the right place, at the right time. More

  • It's Not Over

    Don’t be discouraged by what’s not lining up. It’s not over. God is still working. Behind the scenes, things are happening that you can’t see. Keep thanking Him that it’s on the way. More

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