Cheapskate husband wants to be buried with his fortune – the widow’s smart revenge is ingenious

The husband in this story had spent his entire life working diligently and amassing a significant amount of money. His obsession with wealth was undeniable, and just before his passing, he made an unconventional request of his wife. He asked her to promise, wholeheartedly, that upon his demise, she would place all his money inside the casket with him. He explained that he wanted to carry his wealth into the afterlife.

True to her character as an honorable woman, the wife vowed to fulfill her husband’s peculiar request. However, she was not willing to go to the extreme lengths that he had envisioned. She was determined to find a way to navigate this unusual situation without compromising her integrity.

As the husband’s funeral took place, and he lay in the casket, the wife seized a moment before the casket was sealed. Armed with a shoebox, she approached the casket and gently placed the box inside. With that, the undertakers closed the casket and prepared to conclude the ceremony.

Curiosity got the best of the wife’s best friend, who couldn’t help but inquire about the outcome. In a hushed conversation, the friend asked if the wife had indeed fulfilled her promise by placing all the money in the casket.

The wife, with a knowing smile, affirmed her commitment as a devoted Christian who couldn’t possibly lie. She shared that she had, in fact, combined the funds, deposited them into her account, and then penned a check to her late husband.

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