Kidnapper Tries To Attack 10-Year-Old Girl, Fails To Notice Her ‘Special Friend’

In Woodbridge, Virginia, a brave dog became an unexpected hero when it thwarted a kidnapper’s sinister plans to abduct a 10-year-old girl. The incident unfolded on Heather Glen Court, where a man, described as in his early twenties with a thin build, attempted to snatch the girl.

As the man grabbed the girl, her loyal canine companion sprang into action. The dog bit the would-be abductor, forcing him to release his grip on the girl. The quick-thinking dog’s intervention prevented a potentially tragic outcome. The assailant fled on foot to avoid the approaching police.

The Prince William County Police commended the dog’s courageous actions, acknowledging that without the canine’s intervention, the situation could have turned dire. Sgt. Jonathan Perok, a police spokesperson, emphasized, “If it wasn’t for the dog, the man might not have released the girl and could have severely injured or even killed her.”

Facebook / Prince William County Police Department

Though the attempted kidnapper remains at large, this story serves as a reminder of the protective bond between humans and their furry companions.

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