Matthew 2 study – Jesus’ birth is briefly mentioned at the end of chapter one & …

Matthew 2 study🌿

Jesus’ birth is briefly mentioned at the end of chapter one & beginning of chapter two. the second chapter kicks off after Jesus had been born in Bethlehem. I love this quote by Charles Spurgeon, “. . .There is infinite power even in an infant Savior.”

Jesus hadn’t even been alive for two years when people began seeking Him out, for both positive & negative reasons.

Some wise men from the East arrived in Jerusalem & met with King Herod. There are many misconceptions surrounding these men. They were not kings, but were astronomers numbering “Not only three, but probably great company.” These men came asking for Jesus, born king of the Jews. this is how Herod first heard of Jesus.

as far as Herod goes, he was great as a ruler, builder & administrator, but also in politics & cruelty. He was a clever & cold ruler. Herod’s reign also gives us a chronological marking point. “Jesus was born before the death of Herod the Great, which is probably to be dated in 4 BC; the exact date of Jesus’ birth is unknown.” – France

Herod was very troubled by the news the wisemen brought. Due to paranoia, he already had tendencies to assassinate anyone who he suspected of disloyalty, including many family members. Jerusalem was fearful as well, of either Herod or the impressive caravan of the wise men. The chief priests & scribes knew what was written by the prophet, yet had no interest in meeting Jesus. This speaks volumes. It’s not only about knowing the Bible; it’s about living the Word out & having a relationship with our Savior.

Herod told the wise men to bring word back to him so he “too can go and worship him” when he really wanted to kill Jesus.

After seeing Herod, the wise men continued on to visit Jesus. They likely arrived several months after Jesus’ birth. “It has been truly remarked that the shepherds did not miss their way; they came to Christ at once, while the wisemen, even what they start to guide them, yet miss their way, and went to Jerusalem instead of to Bethlehem, and enquired at the palace of Herod, instead of at the stable were the Christ was born.“ – Charles Spurgeon

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