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  • Strangers sit down with elderly woman eating alone at cracker barrel

    Tonight I witnessed an act of kindness which brought me to tears. We went out to eat at Cracker Barrel. As we were almost finished, we noticed an elderly woman sitting all alone, drinking a milk and waiting for her meal. A million thoughts went through my mind. She looked so very lonely.. Is she […] More

  • Young people helps the elderly in BIG hailstorm

    Teenager Aaron Sanders was working as a bagger at the Ingles Market grocery store in Canton, North Carolina, when a big hail storm slammed into the area… a REALLY BIG hailstorm. It was so fierce that it stopped one of the market’s customers from going out into it and getting her groceries to her car. […] More

  • Two 13-year-old boys stop traffic to help 'shaking' elderly man cross the street

    In Auckland, New Zealand, that Pokemon craze has recently caught on. And one day, two young boys were outside rounding up whatever characters they could from that game. Those boys were Blake Ockleston and Daniel Coyle-Smith. The 13-year-olds were having a good time playing the game. And then, they spotted an elderly man struggling to […] More