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  • He was on fire for God

    A sudden and unexpected act of kindness can make anyone’s day. One recent Saturday afternoon, Volusia County Sheriff’s Department Officer Cameron Tucker and his wife, Justine, were eating an early dinner at the Zaxby’s restaurant in Deland, Florida. It was just a regular day and a regular dinner, until a young man approached the couple. […] More

  • Don’t be afraid to make someone else’s day better

    This is my friend Harold! Not the guy in the man lift but the one behind him in the wheelchair on the sidewalk. He stays in the nursing home across the street from where we’re building. Since day one when I arrived on this job site I’ve noticed him sitting there every morning from 7 […] More

  • Just two dudes

    “This picture is of my 5-year-old son, Ethan Pixley, and Officer Bonds with Jackson PD. Ethan LOVES policemen!! Everywhere we go he seems to find one, talk to them, and give them a hug. But, this time he found a special one. Officer Bonds invited Ethan to come eat with him at his table and […] More

  • Police officer embraces former offender in viral picture

    Almost a year ago this man and I were involved in a major altercation where he tried to stab me in the head and I nearly shot him. Today we ran into each other again and I learned that after his time in prison and some help from probation he now has a full time […] More

  • Best friends reunited – the tears after 80 years of friendship

    “This is my grandma and her best friend Joyce. They went to school together my grandma is 95 and Joyce is 96. Over 80 years of friendship. They would meet every weekend for a cup of tea and a biscuit until my grandma got sick in March since then they haven’t seen each other. Well […] More