Turn The Broken Things Into A Beautiful Masterpiece

Most of the time, we see the broken things in our lives as garbage that we need to get rid of. We tend to focus on those things that made us feel happy and fulfilled rather than those that caused us a lot of pain. There’s nothing wrong with looking at the positive things in life, but ignoring the broken pieces in your heart is a different story. We think that there’s nothing that we can do about it, but God can still make it into a beautiful masterpiece. You just have to believe.

If you happen to feel so broken and messed up right now, always remember that there is still hope in God’s arms. You may think that you can’t handle your situation, and you find yourself so lost and empty, but this struggle that you are facing right now is not yet the end of your story. God will restore your life. So hold on to His great love for you because He will perform great miracles in your life.

Maybe you have a lot of questions in your mind, and you wonder why you need to go through a lot of pain and challenges in life. I may not know the answers to your questions, but all I know is that God will never leave you. You can’t understand the things in your life because the enemy blinded you with the truth. But if you will keep on trusting God even if you can’t see anything, then God will always sustain you even if you feel so broken.

God will use your story to bless other people. The pain you experienced in life will become a beautiful message of hope to somebody who is also broken. God will make it a powerful tool for somebody to receive healing. The scars in your heart will become a chain breaker that will set free those going through the same thing you experienced. One day, you will just be amazed by the great things God did behind the scene.

There is still beauty inside of you. Do not lose hope. Your brokenness will become a beautiful blessing for somebody else’s life one day. So do not be discouraged with what you feel inside. Sometimes, it’s really part of the process that you need to go through. But despite all the hurt you feel, you can always trust that God still prepared great things for you.

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