What’s New With The Siamese Twins Who Split Up in 2017? The Story of Siamese Twins and how they look now

The amazing surgery that the Delaney sisters, Abby and Erin, underwent to separate, captured the attention of the public in 2017.

Riley and Heather, the twins’ parents, chose the challenging surgery to allow their conjoined heads to separate and allow them to live separate lives.

The mother, Heather, faced the difficulties bravely, even though she hadn’t planned to have conjoined twins.

When Abby and Erin had their operation, they were 11 months old, and the surgeons warned of possible difficulties after the procedure.

Heather and Riley clung to hope for a miracle, ready for whatever came their way. Erin, who was having a more challenging procedure, battled to survive it. Even though Erin and Abby are not as developed as their friends, this hasn’t stopped them from loving childhood.

The twins have faced obstacles while figuring out how to live apart, but one major accomplishment is that they can now embrace each other.

The mother, Heather, is overjoyed to watch her girls experience this heartwarming moment.

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