A young woman bought this stranger her entire shopping cart when she couldn’t afford it

“I work at CVS, and had an emergency call-in shift after an already-scheduled shift. Towards the end of my shift, about an hour and a half before close, a mother and her child came in. I helped her carry her heavier items up front so she could continue shopping, and then tried to help her get some soy-based Similac for her baby boy (of which we were out of). She came up to pay for what she had grabbed, and when the total came up, she couldn’t afford it. She immediately took some of the bigger items and went to put them away, telling her child he would have to wait to get his snacks.

This wonderful woman behind her, who had snuck up to the register, told me, ‘no, no, leave it there. She can get it.’ And not only paid for what the woman was going to put back, but for her entire cart of food, diapers, and other baby items.

Kindness is alive in America; today it showed itself with simple items for a baby boy.”

Credit: C. Starkinton

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