All you have to do is step out “Your Circle”

As I’m heading to work this morning I see Tina (lady who makes my pizzas @ Pie Five) walking down Keller parkway. I pull over and ask if I can give her a ride. She smiles like always and gets in the car…. mind you Pie Five is about 2 miles away from where I picked her up… so we got talking as we drove. She expressed to me she started that job 7 months ago and walks 4 miles every day for work. I said to her… Wow, I know that’s hard on your body; that’s got to be exhausting. She giggled and said “Yah, but what can you do Greg? I need the job… life doesn’t stop. So I make it work. I used to have a bike, but it broke and don’t have another one”.

I dropped her off and said I’ll see you soon! I called Bianca Ballog immediately… pretty choked up about it… told her the story and she said “Greg, we are getting that lady a bike!” I told her…we are on the same page. 2 hours later she now has transportation. Her face when she saw the bike was more than words could express.

She said… I am so thankful and don’t know what to say. I told her… we may be getting this for you, but you have given more to me today than you know. I can not express enough… GET TO KNOW PEOPLE! Ask questions, ask about their struggles, ask what you can pray for. God has called us to serve and love your neighbor as you love yourself. If people truly truly truly truly understood that and did that a lot of the crap that is going on in this world wouldn’t be going on. There are people in need and they are in your own back yard. All you have to do is step out “Your Circle” ❤️

Credit: Greg Ballog

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