Be kind, it’s not that hard!

“People are so mean and down right ugly! Disney is suppose to be a friendly place… RIGHT?

Well… No one would sit by this man when we boarded the bus for one of our stops. He had an empty seat on each side of him.

I sat right down and met one of the sweetest people on our trip! His name was Hank and he has worked at the Kingdom for over 10 years. He is from Chicago and loves the NFL.
But NOT the Cowboys. 🤣

He thanked me for not being afraid of him.
He thanked me for being a nice friend.
He said I was pretty and he thought all my tattoos were so cool. He said, ‘I bet people look at you funny too because you are a little different.’ I said, ‘Yes, they do. But I try not to let it bother me.’

Lord, you should have seen the looks I’ve got 🙄 on this vacay!
He said he had to leave work early because his feet were hurting so bad. So, he was going to enjoy the rest of his day off at the beach!

Yes, my friend, I hope you have a blast!
He also has a wiener dog named Frank. That’s what he was showing me a picture of.
We had the best little conversation!
Even if it was repeated a few times. 😉
Just because someone has special needs doesn’t mean you should treat them any different.
Be kind, it’s not that hard! ❤️”

Credit: Ashley Steinhoff

Be kind to others

Because he feels it’s the right thing to do