kind gesture at a McDonald’s restaurant goes viral

In Bendigo, Australia, David Love went into a McDonald’s for his regular morning coffee, and was at the counter preparing to order when he spotted an older gentleman next to him. The elderly man was fumbling through his change trying to put together enough money to pay for his breakfast.

When it looked like the older man was having trouble, David stopped him and paid for it himself. Then, David gave the man $20. David’s girlfriend, Melanie, captured the endearing moment on video and posted it online. For his kind gesture, the older man gave David his change and said, “That’s for your next morning coffee… put it in your pocket.”

David did not know Melanie was videotaping, but his girlfriend made a very valid point: “Your true character is revealed when nobody’s watching.”

A short time after the video was posted, the 88-year-old man’s grandson contacted Melanie to thank her for posting it and David for his generosity. He also said that his grandfather had dementia and had recently lost his wife and daughter and very much appreciated the stranger’s kindness. ❤️

Photo courtesy: Melanie Goodwin

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