The lord gave me another son

This fine young man came into my life 5 years ago. He Walked up behind me with a hair cut that was 5 months past due and a big hole in his shirt & one sock on his foot. He tugged on the back of my shirt and said, sir can you teach me how to play football. I responded- son I teach a lot more then just how to play football. His response was OK. I then said son where is your mom and dad at football isn’t cheap? He responded My mom died and I don’t know where dad is, but my Auntie takes care of me. God spoke to me that second and told me to take care of him in every way. God said to me “be a Shepard”. Not knowing that day The lord gave me another son who would change me and him for ever. I have never been more proud to sit at a 8th grade promotion as I was today. I reflected on the 4 national titles and all the state championships we won together. But I reflected most on how Jesus dropped him into my life like a stork from the sky and how far he has come since that day. God gave him the best Aunt you can ever ask for. I Love you Marquise! And the Lord gave us 4 more years of HS football together.

Credit: Doug Provenzano

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