Server notices man with cerebral palsy struggling to eat, then drops everything to help him enjoy his meal

His name is Five. That’s what he goes by and that’s what everyone knows him by. Five. Well, Five is a waiter at the 42nd Street Oyster Bar in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s one of the two jobs he works, when he not taking classes at the local college. Humble guy. Doesn’t like attention. But sometimes, when he does what he does, that attention can’t really be avoided. One day, Lee and his mom, Linda, came into the oyster bar and Linda started feeding her son, who has cerebral palsy. And even though Five was busy with other customers, he didn’t want Linda’s meal to get cold, so he asked some other workers to cover for him, while he took over the feeding chore from Linda so she could enjoy her meal while it was hot. Linda took some photos of Five feeding Lee and it got a lot of attention on social media. And now, many people recognize him when he’s out and about. And he’s received letters from all over the world. And it’s all been a little overwhelming for the shy, humble guy who tries to avoid the spotlight. But, as you can see, doing kind deeds doesn’t always go unnoticed.

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